About the League . . .

The League of Washington Theatres is an association of nonprofit professional theatres and related organizations in the greater Washington metropolitan area. The League was established in 1982 to create greater public awareness, appreciation, and support for theatre in the Washington area. For almost 30 years, the members of the League have been at the center of an exciting, ever growing, nationally acclaimed theatre community.

Programs and Activities
The League serves as a forum for its members to address common concerns and as a vehicle for collective action. Current issues of interest include arts advocacy, arts funding, audience development, theatre media coverage, accessibility, current trends in the Washington area, and cultivating a sense of community among its diverse membership. Important programs include the annual Area-wide Auditions, generally held in February or March; Stages for All Ages, a program to introduce young people to the magic of live theatre by providing a free tickets for a child 17 years or young for every full price ticket purchased (1999-2009; the Stages for all Ages is evolving to a centralized resources for theatre-related information for young people and families) ; Washington Audiences: 2000 and Beyond, a study of Washington theatregoing audiences. and Free Night of Theater, a national audience development project initiatied by the Theatre Communications Group.

Membership Criteria
Each League member is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) professional theatre operating principally in the greater Washington area. "Professional" is defined as compensating actors and principal staff members on a regular basis. Prior to becoming a League member, a theatre must have produced and/or presented a minimum of 16 public performances annually in the Washington area for three consecutive years. In addition, the theatre must have achieved sufficient organizational stability, staffing consistency, and size to ensure full participation in League activities, accept its purposes and obligations, and benefit from League membership. Annual dues are based on each individual theatre's operating budget.

Season at a Glance is a listing of the current seasons of member theatres,.  In fall 2006, the print version was discontinued.

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